Aya (PLC Academy)

Aya (PLC Academy) of Psycho le Cemu


Category: J-Rock

Completed: 100%

Cost: € Eur80

Hours to Make: 10-20

First worn at: Animecon 2004

Inspiration: Megatron-parapara... ^^ And honestly, Aya is just so cool. :D MAGICAL DANCING!!

Favorite Aspect: Pink hair~ <3 I have a strange fetish for pink hair. xD Plus that Aya is a crossdresser, so I get to think "I'm cosplaying a boy who is dressed as a girl, so am I crossplaying or cosplaying?" xD And the socks are cute. :3 I'm really proud of the wig at least. Usually I suck big time in styling wigs. ^^; But this one turned out pretty nice. :3

Least Favorite Aspect: I _hate_ coats like that. >_> I have broad shoulders to begin with, so shoulder pads are pure evil.

Easiest Task: Probably making the bowtie. xD There wasn't anything _really_ difficult about this costume, I think.

Hardest Task: The shoes... Even if WuZ helped me out (thankyou~~) with the painting, the frills... uh... tough.

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