Anthony J. Crowley

Anthony J. Crowley of Good Omens (Pratchett)
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Category: Fantasy

Completed: 100%

Cost: $ US 0

Hours to Make: < 5

First worn at: to be announced...

Inspiration: update: (4/3/03) Added photos. ^^ I wish I could have gotten my cat-eye contacts in for real... ;.; (they hurt. ;.;) but photoshop is a blessing. ^_^ anyhoo... yeah, AJ crowley of Good Omens. ^_^ enjoy! yay Pratchett cosplay! ^_^ A note on the shoes... yes, they are fake snakeskin...  <-- see?

anyway, will be doing another photoshoot (with apples instead of cigarettes) with Tani in an Aziraphale costume, and Alissa dressed as Shadwell... we're thinking of going to the local carosell (I can't spell. meh.) and making alot of people worry. ^^ lol. wai! stay tuned!


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Well, I had all the pieces of the costume on hand, so I might as well. ^___^ also, he's one of my fav. characters in Good Omens... gotta love that book. ^^ Real picture coming soon. I might wear this at otakon for the fun of it... also to see if anyone can guess who I am. ^_^ maybe if Tani will dress as Aziraphale... ^_______^


Favorite Aspect: The wings. ^_^ well, It's crawley! hee hee. ^__^

Least Favorite Aspect: hrmm... I don't think there is one. ^^ The pants are comfortable, the shoes are soft, the wings are cute, the glasses cool... waah... there is none!

Easiest Task: the whole thing

Hardest Task: putting the wings underneith my suspenders. ^^' lol.