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Do whatever makes you happy!!

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 Hi everybody! I am Hitomi, an Italian cosplayer girl since 1998. I began this hobby for fun and I still think that "enjoying" is the first purpouse of making cosplay! I have made different costumes since then: Ulala, Rikku, Chii, Yukino, Miwako, Lothy, Hilda and many others! Come to my site to know more!

* August 2004 - special guest at 2nd World Cosplay Summit in Nagoya (Japan)
* April 2006 - special guest at Expo Tnt 11 in M‚xico D.F. (M‚xico)
* May 2006 - special guest at Expo Tnt 1 in Guadalajara (M‚xico) I hope you enjoy watching my photos!

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♥ Anime : Tenku no Escaflowne, Tonari no Totoro, Creamy Mamy, Lilo & Stitch, Rah-xephon

♥ Manga : Berserk, Video girl Ai, Vagabond, Inuyasha, Glass no Kamen, Paradise kiss, Hanazakari no Kimitachi he, Nana, Peach Girl

♥ Games : Final fantasy VII-IX-X, Space Channel 5, Silent Hill 1-3, Dancing games, Soul reaver, Chrono Cross, Castlevania, Prince of Persia

♥ Fantasy books: Avalon Saga, The Lord of the Rings LOTR, Harry Potter, Neverending Story, Momo, Anne Rice's Vampires' chronicles


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