2002/02/22 - Rin (Checkered)

2002/02/22 - Rin (Checkered) of Inuyasha
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Completed: 100%

Inspiration: An awesome cute little girl who gets to follow around a demon bishounen god... what else?

Hours to Make: 15+

Favorite Aspect: Being totally cute and talking in third person. Oh - and Rin gets to follow Sesshomaru-sama around the entire time.

Hardest Task: Getting the squares to line up on the kimono when spraying it on. Getting the ponytail to stay in the hair. Making the obi... dealing with the paints.. the nightmare paints.. ugh. I feel like I just want to start over on this costume instead of even ATTEMPTING to finish, but I'm lazy.

First worn at: Megacon 2002

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