Sizes Chart


Asian size chart

How To Measure

It is recommended that you have someone else measure it for you.
If you have other special requirements, please enter white in the "special description" field when filling in the size.

  • Shoulder width

From the right shoulder to the left, across the shoulder, not around the circumference.

  • chest

Fully measure the position of the chest / around the chest. For women, please wear a bra during this measurement.

  • waist

Measure the smallest part of your waistline at the point where your pants usually ride. This is also called natural waistline. Use a finger between the tape and the body.

  • hips

Measure around the entire area of the hips so that the tape is parallel to the floor.

  • Arm length

Measure the position of the wrist to the shoulder through the elbow.

  • Upper arm circumference

Measure around the entire part of the arm.

  • Neck to Crotch Area

Measure from the shoulder to the crotch area.

  • Insteam

Measure the inside of the thigh to the end of the ankle.

  • Thigh circumference

Measure the most complete part of the thigh.

  • Calf circumference

Measure the largest part of the leg.