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CosplayLab provides High-Quality Hitman Reborn Cosplay Costumes,Wigs and other props for male and Female with Best Price and friendly Customer Service. We assure that all our Hitman Reborn Cosplay Costumes,Wigs and other props are the best you can ever come across online or offline. You can enjoy the best quality and best price Hitman Reborn Cosplay Costumes,Wigs and other props in CosplayLab.

CosplayLab online cosplay store provides a complete series of costumes , wigs and props for Hitman Reborn roles, including Dino, Yuni Uni, Lambo, Chrome Dokuro, Futa, Basilicum, Sawada Tsunayoshi, Kozato Enma, Hibari Kyouya, Fran, Sasagawa Kyoko, Byakuran·Jos, Belphegor, Arcobaleno, Alaudi, Gokudera Hayato, Mammon, Kawahirano Ojisan, Bianchi.

The story revolves around Pengieri (Italian mafia) the 10th generation leader and the growth of his family members and the series of tales. The original descendant of Pengeli, Kanji Sawada, was a hopeless loser, but in order to train to become the head of the Pengeli family, an assassin from Italy named Lebourne came to teach him. With a good heart, he didn't want to hurt others, but he began to take responsibility to protect his companions and grew into a good leader.

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