Rouge The Bat

TsangShireen ·
Rouge The Bat of Sonic Adventure 2, Sonic-X
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Category: Video Game

Completed: 100%

Cost: $ US 200

Hours to Make: 40-60

First worn at: my livingroom

Inspiration: I really think she looks cool. =^_^=

Favorite Aspect: Sexy vinyl catsuit! =^_^= I'm also glad I'm learning how to make mascot heads (properly) now. I've got two friends helping me on this one. Thanks, guys. ^^

Least Favorite Aspect: The price!! X_X Also, scary stores sell sexy clothes. 0.0;;

Easiest Task: Rouge's clothes are pretty basic, so I knew I'd just have to shop around for the pieces to assemble. Lucky! I found matching wings when I went to buy the catsuit. And YAY, you can find plenty of boots and gloves on eBay!

Hardest Task: This mascot head was pretty tricky.


"Best first-time use of foam" (an honorable mention) at MARcon, 2003
1st place, Anime Cosplay at MARcon, 2003 (not part of the main masquerade)

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