Maximilian Morrel Cosplay

TsangShireen ·
Maximilian Morrel of Gankutsuou | Count of Monte Cristo

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Maximilian Morrel Cosplay

Category: Anime

Completed: 100%

Cost: $ US60

Hours to Make: < 5

First worn at: Ohayocon 2005, January 15

Inspiration: This was for a group cosplay of four. See my costume "The Count" for more information; also see "Albert" in this section.

Favorite Aspect: Ah, after the Count, Haydee and Albert, Maximilian is easy! No funky filters or patterns -- well, fewer of them, at least. Just your basic iridescent tuxedo. Because we used a style which required a cummerbund, I overlaid a basic black cummerbund with iridescent ribbon which changes colors as he moves -- awesome!

Least Favorite Aspect: We used a different style of tuxedo, so it's not an exact match, but this one looks better beside the other costumes.

Easiest Task: Buying a tuxedo jacket and shirt off eBay! Orange hair gel to change hair color.

Hardest Task: We hand-painted the stripes, but it was the lapel overlays which were hardest. This was the simplest of the four costumes, though!



Judge's Choice at Ohayocon 2005

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