Angel (Call from the past

TsangShireen ·
Angel (Call from the past) of The Big O
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Category: Anime

Completed: 100%

Hours to Make: 10-20

First worn at: ACEN 04

Inspiration: OH MAH GOD! Why have more people not cosplayed Angel? Shes Vintage goodness in channel pink! Thanks to an awesome Roger cosplayer (Berry!) served as an insipiration for doing Big O cosplay, even though maybe 9 people at a large con knew who I was supposed to be. Though, it is a really nice change to be able to walk down a hallway unfettered and still be in costume! This is the outfit she wears in "Call from the Past" When shes trapped with Rodger *mrrow!*

Favorite Aspect: Barbarella and Coco Channel rolled up into one uber stylish package. Angel dresses the way I'd like to every day (only I dont have the money) also this dress is tame enough to wear over a pair of slacks and a shell to work! and...*guilty giggle* Roger Smith...oh baby!

Least Favorite Aspect: Paying for it. This made a dent in the ol' account because its pink wool crepe and it roaasstsss you

Easiest Task: The blonde wig, we have it from Integrals costume, and purchasing the black bra-top. (Im not insane enough to MAKE it.)

Hardest Task: For this? Finding GOOD pink material that would work well for a heavily tailored suit-dress. This lovely wool made a great choice, also there was some heavy pattern drafting for an unnotched collar and to get it insanely tailored. (and the side lacing)

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