Temari 2nd Cosplay

Temari 2nd of Naruto

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Temari 2nd Cosplay

Category: Anime

Completed: 100%

Cost: $ US200$

Hours to Make: 20-40

First worn at: AOD 2007

Inspiration: Crossplay for the win... and I got the looks alike how crazy is that... I love the character I always wanted to be the mean characters with an attitude. So she was right up my ally.... That and the huge fan!

Favorite Aspect: I love all the colors of this cosplay. I spent a long time looking for the material to match it correctly. And I feel that I have done it... With all of this and the detailing I have a 100% accurate cosplay!

Least Favorite Aspect: My crappy quality wig. I used an old party wig that some one gave to me and I some how managed to pull of a miracle and change it into something good... You cant tell form the pictures but the wig has reverse wefts in it... that was really fricken hard to do!!!!!!

Easiest Task: Painting the wood for the fan. And cutting out the basic patterns out of fabric.

Hardest Task: Making the corset part. Adding all the rivets in the back was a pain. And also lacing it up once I got it on took forever. Also accembling the material part to the fan was really hard because I had to hand stitch it all in. I know there is no pic of the fan at the moment but you will all see it soon. The wig.... insanity in all aspects of it.



AOD 2007 Masqurade Best Presentation Runner-Up at AOD 07
Temari Look Alike Contest at Cosplaylab.com 2007