Seras Victoria

Seras Victoria of Hellsing
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Category: Anime

Completed: 100%

Cost: $ US 200

Hours to Make: 20-40

First worn at: Ohayocon2003

Inspiration: This series rocks, I think my friends are getting sick with my obsession, but I don't care, I'm going on a full fledged Hellsing kick this year! This is actually my second time through on this costume. I made it once on the spur of the moment to take to Planet Neo, becuase Kyle was going as Alucard. I had so much fun that I decided to remake it . I asked my friend Arek if he could make me the gun, and after he started work on it, I was inspired enough to finish out the rest of the costumes, as well. I really have a soft spot for Seras.

Favorite Aspect: I loved this whole costume, but the accessories were my favorite parts. The gun was LONG (we actually figured out that its about five inches too long, it ended up being 7'8") I could barely keep track of it and kept hitting people with the thing. >.< The contacts were also one of my favorite bits - someone asked me for a picture and then jumped when I turned around and looked at him. ^_^ A friend bought me a blood bag to go with it, and I spent half the day sucking on that. I also LOVE my ammo box.

Least Favorite Aspect: Flashing everyone whenever I sat or bent over.

Easiest Task: I know everyone says the skirt, but it actually took me an obscenely long time to get the skirt reasonably tailored, (I have a weird figure) so I'd have to say the gloves.

Hardest Task: It took a lot of time (trial and error) to get the unif orm tailored to a good fit. I think I restarted the jacket about 3 times.



Best of Show at Planet Neo, 2002
Best of Show at Ohayocon 2003
First Place at Samurai Comics Costume Contest