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Tell us about your first cosplay convention experience ( who, when, where, what, etc )

My first real cosplay convention experience was AFO2. I wore my Belldandy NIT racing costume (my first real cosplay). I didn't really know what to expect and it was a little bit overwhelming at first! I think the first people I saw were Gecko and Mara as Rabi en Rose and Dejiko, and then later on the
Stripping Shinji- I wasn't sure what to think! But they are all cool and it ended up being really fun!!

What or who has motivated you to improve your costuming skills?

Looking at my past costumes! I definitely try to make each costume better than the previous.

Why do you spend so many hours and so much money to cosplay?

Probably the challenge of trying to translate a 2-D costume/character into an actual costume, and trying to make it look as accurate as possible. Cosplay and conventions can get pretty expensive (especially when you're a college student u_u; ). But I like hanging out with my friends at conventions more than anything, so I guess it's ok if I sacrifice all my money on fabric as long as I can see my friends and maybe meet new ones : )

Most embarrassing cosplay moment?

Hmmm… Well, at AFO3 a bobbie pin from my wig fell down the back of my body suit and got stuck, and my friend Sasha had to try to fish it out! ….My friends Keenan and Guarav thought that was really funny -_-; I think a picture of that charade is somewhere on, LOL!


What tips on gravity-defying hair styles can you offer?

Decorative Floral Spray and Elmer's School Glue Gel for strong holds!

Where in life do you get your inspiration?

My friends, books, movies…

What are some other hobbies you have?

Drawing, painting, photography, and sewing of course!

When you grow up, what do you think you'll be doing?

Well I am not sure. Hopefully I'll never have to grow up! Hahaha. Well, definitely something creative, I hope- not a nine-to-five-job!

How would you recommend people deal with criticism on their costumes?

Well, if it is constructive or positive criticism, then hopefully people will use it to improve their costume, or their costumes in the future. If it is negative criticism, or a disparaging remark, then I think it is best just to ignore it. If it doesn't help you to learn something, then it is worthless and should be ignored.

What would make you stop cosplaying?

"Cosplay drama". To me, it's a concern when people get so wrapped up in the competitive part of cosplaying, and winning becomes the only thing that matters. Cosplay is a hobby, so you should be having fun! Also, there are some people that crave attention, and like to start rumors, or cause controversy, or 'bash' their fellow cosplayers. That's not cool. We're all people who like to dress like anime characters. Making fun of someone else or starting rumors will not make you any cooler. I know a few cosplayers who would like to quit just because they are tired of the 'cattiness' of the cosplay scene. Like I said, cosplay is a hobby; it's supposed to be fun. If it no longer becomes fun…then what's the point?

Rumors to dispel:

I'm sure there are some silly ones out there. But I value the truth, so like Shannon said: "if you have heard any rumors and would like them cleared up, email me; and I'd be happy to dispel, or admit to any rumors that you need "clearing up!".


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Julie, you have established yourself as a genuine cosplayer with great talent. What also makes an impression on people is you actually look like the characters you portray. Of course, not all of us are born a 'goddess', but your costumes have certainly inspired us to raise the bar on costuming. Good luck in all your creative endeavors.

Garry aka Prof.Tomoe

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