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Tell us about your first cosplay experience.

Let's see, my first cosplay experience (doing an anime costume at a convention) was at Necronomicon in 1998. I dressed as Sailormoon along with my friend Beth who was Venus, and Angela who was Jupiter. Our Mars never showed.-.-*. My first costume was made with the help of a friend. It was more like: we went shopping, I bought material, she showed me how to pin and cut the pattern (which I did), she did the sewing, and I watched in awe ^_^.

At the time I thought the costumes rocked, but now that I look back - It was interesting.^_^;;; all the looks I got driving down I-4 as Sailormoon. I was very nervous at first, but when I found my friends, and goofed off with them, I was hooked. It helped that we won 2nd place over-all in the costume contest. ^_^

What motivates you to drive across state to participate in cosplay events?

Mmm, friends. If I didn't have so many friends at these conventions, I don't think I would will myself to do it. I HATE driving alone long distances too.

Considering your expertise in cosplay, how has it evolved since you started?

I would like to think it's evolved a lot. I used to make the costumes just to be my character, but now I'm a bit pickier. I don't like loose threads, or unfinished edges. My costumes became a lot better when I stopped rushing to make them. If you look at my first costume, and my current costume, you'll see a major difference ^_^ Just take time with your costume. Is it going to fall apart while you wear it, or will it last? I realized costumes weren't worth having if they were going to fall apart on me. ;/

As a cosplay judge, what is the most important thing you would look for when considering BEST OF SHOW?

Well, originality is good, but I look for good clean finishes, inventive techniques, making items convincingly out of daily objects. I would hate to be a cosplay judge. Too many good costumes, not enough prizes.

Where do you look to for inspiration on new costumes?

I have to love the character. I love Sailormoon. It was my first full-fledged anime. I don't care if people say Sailormoon is over-cosplayed. It hasn't been cosplayed WELL ^_^. I picked Inuyasha because I loved the character, as well as all my upcoming characters. I have to have a bond to the character before I even consider making the costume.

Personal questions:

What annoys you most about cosplay or cosplayers?

Well, cockiness. I went to AX and felt a lot of cosplayers were a bit stuck up. Some were down to earth though. Jealousy. Why are others jealous of one another? I don't get it. I admit one thing - when I'm Inuyasha, I want to be the only Inuyasha around. I dunno - call it getting into character ^_^;;;;;

Who do you consider your source of strength?

Friends. Definitely friends. 100%. It's been a rough year for me home-wise. I just lost my mother, and my world fell around me. Mom has always been supportive of my costuming. It's hard not having that anymore. But my friends have been there for me, thank God. I always enjoy being in costume with my friends. It's more fun to have people who understand you. ^_^

How was your relationship with your parents growing up?

eh so so. I loved my mom to death (God rest her soul), my step-dad was really hard growing up with. He was always cold. We're currently getting along, but his failing memory is driving me nuts! >.< My real dad was missing until my Junior year in high school. I love him very much. He's got a good heart.

Princess Serenity

If you could bring cosplay to a new part of the world, where would that be?

New part of the world?. Hmmm, taking a wild guess- Ireland. I've never seen any Irish cosplayers, besides the fact my family hails from Ireland. ^_^;; That's why I have the famous Irish temper!

Where do you see yourself in five years ( career / marriage / etc. ) ?

Oh, I dunno. I would really like to see my cosplay photography take off. I can see a demand for it, but I don't know if people want to pay for a pic.^_^;; I'd like to get married eventually, but I'm not ready to settle down; not yet. I can see myself still at cons though ^_^ . I'll always keep taking photographs.

Aside from cosplaying, I love Photography, my cat Coco, singing, cooking, art and collecting anime figurines. Maybe some day, when I get a computer that's decent, I can try making an anime music video ne ^_^?

Thank you Susan. Thank you for being an inspiration to us and all the people ( new and old ) at FLCosplay. Your enthusiasm serves as a catalyst for many new cosplayers, and your cheerful demeanor speaks volumes of your dedication to this art. Good luck in all that you do!


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