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Immortal Eyes ~ Custom Theatrical Contact Lenses for Cosplay

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You've spent considerable time and money on your costume - don't forget to dress your eyes for the occasion. These are high quality, daily wear contact lens that will freak people out. Recommended for occasional use, these lenses will last at least one year. All lenses are priced and sold as pairs. Unless otherwise noted, all custom lenses require 3-4 weeks for hand painting and delivery We will respond very quickly to any email questions you may have.
Upgraded Cosplay Lab members take an extra 10% off these prices (reflected at checkout time). Canadian customers may place their orders here.


Beware of contact lenses from overseas that have not been tested or approved by the FDA.
Contact lenses are classified as medical devices and should be manufactured under strict conditions for health and safety for FDA approval.
Dept. of Health and Human Services News Release

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