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Costume Posting Guidelines

June 2004 - Hentai and yaoi characters or references are not permitted.

General Requirements

Make sure it fits in an approved costume category as outlined below.
If your costume is primarily store-bought items or minimal sewing required, you must post the reference image along with the costume.
Your costume must look like the reference image posted with it.
The costume must be worn in public where pictures were being taken, not a bedroom snapshot.
Fill in all the fields with as much detailed information as possible on the costume profile page.
Try to include the reference image along with the finished photo unless it is mandatory as outlined below.
If you didn't make the costume yourself, you must mention the name of the person who did on the costume profile page.
Make sure you're not breaking a rule for things you shouldn't post as outlined below.

What you CAN post...

Anime - Commercial Japanese-produced animation.

Manga - Commercial Japanese-produced comics, art books, etc.

Video Games - Commercial video game characters, preferrably Japanese-produced.

J-Rock, J-Pop, Visual Kei, Gothic Lolitas - Japanese fashion.
Your costume should look as close to the original as possible.
Completed costumes must display the reference image in addition to the finished costume.

Sci-Fi - Commercial movie, television,and novel characters including Star Wars, Predator, etc.

Fantasy - Commercial movie and novel characters such as Harry Potter, Lord of the Rings etc.

Comic Book - Commercial movie, television, comic book characters such as Spiderman, Batman, Superman, Iron Man.

Steampunk - Commercial characters that have been created in the steampunk style with lots of rivets, brass and leather.

Original characters - Non-commercial character designs inspired by our acceptable costume genres listed above. fairy, furry, and elvin creatures
In-progress costumes must display the reference image.
Completed costumes must display the reference image in addition to the finished costume photo.

Props - Only post a separate entry for your prop if you spent more than 5 hours on it.
Include as much production information as possible to help others appreciate the work that went into it.
Completed props must display the reference image in addition to the finished prop.

What you CAN'T post...

private costumes - if the costume was worn only for private enjoyment, don't post it. Cosplay means worn in public here at the Lab.
Halloween costumes -
if it couldn't be worn without controversy to an anime convention, or it doens't fit into one of our categories, don't post it.
random costumes -
if it's a random costume including fan boy, fan girl, schoolgirl, or kimono, don't post it.
non-public costumes -
if the costume isn't being worn to a convention or organized photoshoot, don't post it.
duplicates -
do not post multiple entries for the same costume. do not post multiple entries for the same costume.
fan art - anything not used as a reference image for a costume in the works shouldn't be posted.
avatar icons - including stuff you just made up in a photo editing program should not be posted.
questionable content - including, but not limited to erotic or suggestive poses should not be posted. no hentai or yaoi references.
pile of costume pieces - any photo where the costume is not being worn by a person or displayed on a dress form should not be posted.
headless costumer photos - do not crop the model's head or body parts out of the photo. It is acceptable to blur the person's face only.
anything that isn't being worn by a living human - don't post animals, cookies, pumpkins, eggs, inflatable dolls, or plushies.

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