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RamenNoodles aka Joie

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V-Babe Strikes Again!

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My favorite animes are Urusei Yatsura, Paranoia Agent, Azumanga Daioh, Nekojiru-so, Fruits Basket, Excel Saga, and Scrapped Princess. My favorite mangas are Chobits, Peach Girl, Oh My Goddess!, Paradise Kiss, and Sailor Moon. My favorite video games are Ecco the Dolphin, Sonic the Hedgehog, DDR, FFX-2, Harvest Moon, Pokémon, Karaoke Revolution, Kingdom Hearts, World of Warcraft, and the Sims 2. My favorite sci-fi/fantasy things are: Harry Potter, Rhapsody, Sword of Truth Series, D&D, Exalted, and Ironclaw.



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