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hichan aka hikki, hikkles

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O-HA! Atashi wa no "my name is Kimi... gozaimasu!" Chiisaii no nin desu! Ganbarimasu! ^^ hi hi! i'm a 4'11" cosplayer from So Cali! i love cosplaying characters i'm in love with rather than design... unless i happen to look like them XD woo woo! i'm part of the USA Musume cosplay troupe! seee no! mini moni yay yay! sexy baby! ^^ i hope you enjoy my costumes! p.s. i'm in love with Goumoto Naoya *__*

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Asuka Tomoe

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as of late... Prince of Tennis, Teni-myu, Yugioh!, One Piece!, Naruto, KareKano, Resident Evil series, Final Fantasy 4, tactics, Suikoden series, Waterboys, Death Note



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