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Yorda of Ico

Profileview Katya's Cosplay Lab profile
Yorda Cosplay

Category: Video Game

Completed: 100%

Cost: $ US 50

Hours to Make: 10

First worn at: Katsucon 2003

Inspiration: Yorda from the game Ico. I hated her, yet she was an awesome and heart-touching character. The game is one of a kind too. I hear a sequal is coming out.....

Favorite Aspect: The dress is cute. It was my first time sewing an actual full outfit instead of modifying a preexisting pattern. The pattern is cute, I want to make something else with it.

Least Favorite Aspect: The Wig, it was cheap and ghetto and I didn't like it at all >_< Painting the Silver parts. The Lack of white makeup I had. the fact I was sick when I wore it and didn't really give a darn anymore about it.

Easiest Task: Probably the shawl part attached at the last minute. Not the best part, just the easiest.

Hardest Task: Painting the grey. Making myself pale. WALKING AROUND. I was SICK SICK SICK that weekend, and I couldn't see because I didn't have the motivation to put contacts in, so I just wandered around, clinging to a friend's shirt sleeve.

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