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Athrun Zala of Gundam Seed

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Athrun Zala Cosplay

Category: Anime

Completed: 100%

Hours to Make: 20-40

First worn at: Anime USA 06

Inspiration: athrun seemed like a kewl char to cosplay and i wanted a zaft uniform >.< ... annnd then I decided to HEY lets make an outfit to match YBK's gundam dresses!! ... T_T;

Favorite Aspect: how it flew with the rest of the group +_+! Although mine wasnt as awesome as their costumes XDD

Least Favorite Aspect: it was so rushed T_T!! didnt have ANY of the decorations I wanted on there T_TTTT.... like the faith pin!!

Easiest Task: IT WAS GHETTOTASTIC. FROM THE HOOD. of ghetto costumes O_o

Hardest Task: trying to make a costume in 5 hr : DDD

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