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Tira of Soul Calibur 3 / III

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Tira Cosplay

Category: Video Game

Completed: 100%

Cost: $ US200

Hours to Make: 80-100

First worn at: MetroCon 2005

Inspiration: Oh, wow. I just saw the picture of her and fell in LOVE. It CALLED me. Who wouldn't want to be a homicidal Amazon? XD

Favorite Aspect: I like how the top came out cut in the places it should be, and how comfortable it was. Not to mention the Fiberglass Hula Hoop o' Death. :p

Least Favorite Aspect: The leg armour. We didn't have the money to invest in a heat gun, so we couldn't get plastic to work right, and had to use foamy. Never again. ( and someone kicked my knee cap piece off and I had to glue it back. ;_; ) UPDATE: For Dragon*Con 2005, I made plastic armour. <3

Easiest Task: There.. wasn't really one. ;_; I guess cutting everything out?

Hardest Task: the PANTS. ARG! They took some trial and error, and thank goodness there was a belt in the character design, otherwise I would have been mucho screwed. XD I had to glue feathers on individually, put the grommets in by hand, lacing it, just.. poo. ;_;


Masters Catagory at MetroCon 2005
Second place Soul Calibur look-a-like contest at CosplayLab

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