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Samantha of Vagrant Story

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Samantha Cosplay

Category: Video Game

Completed: 100%

Cost: $ US 100

Hours to Make: ~30

First worn at: A-kon XII - 2001

Inspiration: A friend really, really wanted a Sydney costume for A-kon, and far be it from me to deny him such a thing. :P At any rate, the rest of our little band needed costumes, so we all claimed various Vagrant Story characters. I chose Samantha. She was fun, easy to wear, and simple enough that I could finish the costume and have plenty of time to devote to the metalwork on Sydney's arms. Yay!

Favorite Aspect: The bodice. The sewing machine is not my friend and it took a couple of tries before I was able to get this to work.

Least Favorite Aspect: It wasn't really much of a challenge. Very cheesecake-y. Oh - and the boots sort of hurt after a few hours.

Easiest Task: Most of it was pretty easy.

Hardest Task: Honestly? Figuring out how to straighten the wig. I'd not done much with wigs before this, so it was a learning experience. Otherwise, I spent most of my time on Sydney. X_X


Honorable Mention - Best Group at A-kon XII - 2001

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