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Ranmaru Mori of Samurai Warriors

Profileview Melanie's Cosplay Lab profile
Ranmaru Mori Cosplay

Category: Video Game

Completed: 100%

Cost: $ Aus100+

Hours to Make: 100-150

First worn at: Supanova (Sunday), Brisbane 2004

Inspiration: Inspired by my Lu Xun costume - and the fear that something might happen to it on the way to a con. I needed a quick, easy-to-make back-up costume. Paranoid, anyone?

Many thanks to the Brisbane Botanic Gardens for kindly allowing me permission to photograph Ranmaru in their beautiful Japanese garden.

Favorite Aspect: I'm really happy with how the whole thing turned out, considering how last-minute it was.

Least Favorite Aspect: My legs are nowhere near as long (or as nice) as his, and nothing says "look at my disgustingly fat waist!" like yellow does! X_x

Easiest Task: Making the sword - but I think that was because I was determined to have it finished in time, no matter what!

Hardest Task: Making the armour.

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