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Dark Chii / Freya of Chobits

Profileview Mistress Mel's Cosplay Lab profile
Dark Chii / Freya Cosplay

Category: Manga

Completed: 100%

Cost: $ US 200

Hours to Make: 20-40

First worn at: Anime Expo 2002

Inspiration: I luv Clamp. I luv Black. Nuff said :P j/k For those reasons I did fall in love with Dark Chii but deciding upon which of her many outfits was the hardest part. After getting the calender tho i saw this huge illustration of her and fell in love with it and I knew I hadta make that one.

Favorite Aspect: All the belts are real. The belt structure on the front is the bestest. Its adjustable to all the eyelets on it. Good when I eat too much and don't fit in it anymore XD

Least Favorite Aspect: the long wig is sooo hard to keep good care of and wear comfortably. Figuring out how to make em purple wasn't too fun either. God bless super glue and vinyl. Cutting my hands while cutting out the metal clasps on the sides outta sheet metal wasn't cool either.

Easiest Task: the crown :D

Hardest Task: The belt structure on the front. I hadta redo em a couple times cuz I didn't do them very structuraly sound the first time. Converting silver pleather lace up knee high boots into those shoes was a pain too.

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