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Edward Elric of Fullmetal Alchemist

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Edward Elric Cosplay

Category: Anime

Completed: 100%

Cost: Eur300

Hours to Make: 200 +

First worn at: Venice Carnival 2004

Inspiration: Ed is my male version^^;;; He has blonde hair and he has the braid like me, he is short like me, and also his character is like mine.^^

He is my ideal character for a cosplay.^^

To made the arm "Automail" I spent 4 month (March, April, May and June), but I'm very happy for the result... Anyway, to make a automail is really hard, is very hard also to wear.^^;;;

Soon I will made also the leg automail.

For the lance it was very simple, this lance is for a perfomance in France, so to bring it in the bag on the train, I made this in foam rubber (the blade) covered with a silver vynil tissue, fimo (for the dragon), and plastic for the pipe.^^

The blade for automail is made in rubber always covered with silver vinyl cloth.

while the case is an authentic case of 1900, I found it in the cellar of a family friend. I had only restored it (I'm also a restorer of antiques).

I made also for this costume the Plush of Alphonse, also if soon my boyfriend will make really the armour of Al for the next cosplays.

The last thing, those are really my hair and not a wig, I cut my hair like those of Ed.

I love this costume, like I love Ed^^;;; Yes, this is my favourite costume.^____^

If you want to see other photos about this my costume Click Here!^^

Favorite Aspect: Automail, jacket, and the lance.

Least Favorite Aspect: the blade and pants.

Easiest Task: undershirt

Hardest Task: Automail


Best Performance at Comiconvention 2004 - Milan
Best Group at Lucca Comics 2004
Second Place at Edward Elric Look-Alike Contest at CosplayLab

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