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Natsu Dragneel of Fairy Tail

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Natsu Dragneel Cosplay

Category: Anime

Completed: 100%

Cost: $ US60

Hours to Make: 10-20

First worn at: MetroCon 2012

THIS IS ME. No lie. Natsu matches me in seven major ways. This is probably my favorite costume at this point. XDD

So, first of all, my sister helped me with a lot of it (more than half) because we were kinda running low on time and I'm still a newbie.

We got the wig from Fantasy Sheep on eBay; came pre-styled.

The scarf was made completely by my sister; it was her idea. It's made out of white fleece. Esentially, she made a pillowcase-like contraption, inserted a thin layer of polyfoam, sewed the fringes between the "pillowcase"'s sides as it was shut, and sewed with black thread, the different sections. She's very proud of it because it bulges up and sections off like the references. XD;;;

We used dark navy blue broadcloth for the front fabric. As my sister insisted it should be reversable as per the Tenroujima Arc, we used grey broadcloth as the lining fabric. The trim is gold poly-cotton. My sister modified a simple shirt pattern we already had as the vest was not very complicated. I cut and pinned / prepared everything for sewing but my sister did all the actual sewing.

We were going to make this too but we actually bought both the belt buckle and interchangable belt from PiercingPros on Amazon. So we cheated a little. :P

Same fabric and idea as the vest, really. My sister made the pattern from scratch by measuring my waist, marking the middle, and then halving that measurement to add to it to get the bottom measurement, lining up the middles. (In case that was confusing, here's a formula: W = waist measurement; B = Bottom measurement; W + (W/2) = B) It connects at the top, under the belt with fish-and-hook clasps (like bra clasps). KeikoTora helped me figure it out. XDD

My sister modified a pants pattern from my Kouma costume. We used white broadcloth held up with an elastic waistband. The calf ties are extra navy broadcloth fashioned like trim after bunching the ends of the pants and have hook and eye clasps on the inside seam. The knots are made separately and then sewn into place They were actually made by my friend KeikoTora.

I simply used normal flip-flops. I hope to one day modified a pair with scraps of the navy from the vest and skirt to be more accurate, but we were pressed for time.

We were going to do the tattoos with Hollywood Ink Henna pen and a stencil, but when we got to the convention Friday, we saw they had temporary tattoos in all of the colors we needed and we figured that'd be easier and faster.


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