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Erza Scarlet (Hakama Ver.) of Fairy Tail

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Erza Scarlet (Hakama Ver.) Cosplay

Category: Anime

Completed: 100%

Cost: $ US60

Hours to Make: 10-20

First worn at: MetroCon 2012

This is my favorite outfit of Erza's for deeply personal reasons. I have at least 4 other outfits I want to do for her but I knew this one had to be first. c:

I acquired the wig from Fantasy-cosplay-wigs on eBay and tweaked to my liking.

The top is two parts. The first was made from white spandex and is essentially a tube top. I then cover it with drug-store gauze that sticks to itself once it's in place.

The bottom, which you can't really see, is made from the same white spandex as the top. I made a pattern from a pair of tights I already had only it goes down to just before my knees.

The hakama is made from red denim-like cotton. I used Folkwear pattern 151, Hakama and Kataginu. I used appliqué (HeatnBond Lite) for the flames at the bottom; the fabrics were similar to the red. For my back board, I fused some spare red to a few pieces of 16th of an inch-thick piece of interfacing. It is washable this way but still stiff as a board and bendable like professional hakama.

I originally wanted to do the tattoo with Hollywood Ink Henna pens and a stencil, but when we got to the convention Friday, we saw they had temporary tattoos in all of the colors we needed and we figured that'd be easier and faster. Plus, most of us were wearing things the next day that would've shown the guildmark so we didn't want them to clash. XD;;;

The sword featured is actually my Shiki sword, but I will be making the Benizakura to go with this costume sometime soon. c:

And speaking of late add-ons... I also didn't have the time to make her earrings but I intend to do that soon as well. I will be purchasing the crystal-like pieces from crystalprismworld on Etsy, altering them and spray painting them silver. I don't have pierced ears so they will be added to clip-on bases. c:


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