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Lady Divinite of Lady Mechanika

Profileview Wenora's Cosplay Lab profile
Lady Divinite Cosplay

Category: Comic Book

Completed: 100%

Cost: $ Can400

Hours to Make: 150-200

First worn at: Fan Expo 2012

Inspiration: Just love how she looks like. She has that mysterious air since she's the leader of a Circus Troupe and blind too.

Favorite Aspect: It's just knowing that this was the first time I made corsets. This was the second one I made. I first made one to make sure I made it right, then created this one after I felt confident enough.

Least Favorite Aspect: The wig. Styling hair was never one of my skills so I tried the best I could to tease the hell out of that wig.

Easiest Task: The shoulder wrap. I did not use any pattern, just did some draping and voila!

Hardest Task: The headdress and the wig.


Honorable Mention Master Division at Fan Expo 2012

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