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Neo Queen Serenity of Sailor Moon

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Neo Queen Serenity Cosplay

Category: Anime

Completed: 100%

Cost: $ Can350.00

Hours to Make: 20-40

First worn at: Ai-kon 2011

Inspiration: I had just recently finished watching every season of sailor moon earlier in the year and decided to cosplay as Neo Queen as I loved her dress. Got to say I didn't think it would be the best on me, but it all worked out rather well.

Favorite Aspect: Probably the fabric of the dress and the fact it was long enough it didn't matter what shoes I wore with it. Most the time I was walking around bare foot.

Least Favorite Aspect: I felt mildly exposed being a larger chested person. We built a bra into the dress to help with support and stuff, but the dress itself was still very cleavagey. The wig was a bit of a pain too as it was rather heavy and I wasn't used to hair quite that long so I got it tangled in a lot of stuff..

Easiest Task: Buying the wig online, or making the crescent moon pieces for my face.(I made them from thin pieces of foam and just painted them gold.)

Hardest Task: All the hand-sewing that was involved in the beading and the gold circles on the dress was a pain to do. OH! And the boy/wings on the dress. They were made to be strapless and had a harness set up that slipped into the back of the dress.

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