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Hikaru Koyama - Play with the numbers of Hinoi Team

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Hikaru Koyama - Play with the numbers Cosplay

Category: J-Rock

Completed: 100%

Cost: Eur35,48

Hours to Make: 5-10

First worn at: Salon Manga Tenerife 2012

Inspiration: For a para-para contest! I will go as Hikaru with a friend as Asuka.

Favorite Aspect: It has sequins! And glitter! And I already had the boots, I did them for another para-para contest in 2010.

Least Favorite Aspect: I had to use another fabric because there wasn't any orange knit with silk.

Easiest Task: Everything.

Hardest Task: Nothing.


Second place at Para-para contest at Salon del Manga de Tenerife 2012

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