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Liara T'Soni of Mass Effect

Profileview Kayla Gallagher's Cosplay Lab profile
Liara T'Soni Cosplay

Category: Video Game

Completed: 70%

Cost: $ US$30

Hours to Make: 20-40

First worn at: Don't know yet. Hopefully Sakuracon 2013

Inspiration: Liara has been one of my favorite characters ever since my bf showed me Mass Effect. I thought "Okay, this looks like it would be interesting to make. I'll take that challenge!" and just started gathering material for it.

Favorite Aspect: The shirt fits almost perfectly! And right now it's incredibly comfortable!

Least Favorite Aspect: From trying it on so much... It's going to be the gloves. Edit: - After working on the rest of it... It's definitely the gloves.

Easiest Task: So far, just buying everything. It's been easier to find than I thought. The easiest part of the costume itself so far... I'd have to say... Cutting out the different shirts and sewing them together. It's like putting together a puzzle!

Hardest Task: The gloves. Definitely the gloves.

This will be the hardest one yet... Liara's not human (Obviously), so my friend's going to be helping me make the headpiece. I have a lot to do, and my grandma keeps telling me how to do it, so I've been a bit irritated and snappy with my friends. If any of them are reading this, I apologise.

Grandma and I went out and bought the shirt. Well, shirts. We bought a pair of way too-big green and white shirts, and I'm starting to think I won't have enough material for the green part, especially with how my grandmother wants me to do it.

- I started cutting up and sewing together. First I had to sew the inside and make the shirt thinner, which took way more work than it should have with grandma behind me the whole time trying to tell me exactly how to do it... I appreciate the help, but I'd like to do it on my own...

- Okay, I've gotten most of the right sleeve done. It took a while, but I seam ripped the sleeve on the green shirt and cut it up to make the right pattern.

- Basically just did more altering to the shirt to make the sleeve the right size (And length, which made me use up almost all of my white thread), and finished the green pattern. I'm now working on the green box with the numbers.
One sleeve (Almost) down, one to go.

- I've done so much now! I've been working on it for hours at a time for almost 3 days straight... I'm getting there! Almost done! I ran out of Twill Tape and need some more, and I need more of the green material since the shirt wasn't long enough, and the gloves are giving me major problems... But other than that I'm just about done!

- I'm done with all I can do for now. I just need to do the gloves, and that's so far a pain in the butt. I can't wait until I'm done... I also need more green material. It stinks that there wasn't enough. Also need something for the grey part...

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