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Ciel Phantomhive Original Design of Kuroshitsuji

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Ciel Phantomhive Original Design Cosplay

Category: Manga

Completed: 100%

Cost: $ US200

Hours to Make: 10-20

First worn at: Anime Expo 2012

Inspiration: The customer wanted to cosplay Ciel, but couldn't decide on what costume to do, so we designed a costume that looked like Ciel would wear it.

Favorite Aspect: Everything really. I think the whole thing turned out great. The fabrics were beautiful, the lace was gorgeous, and the tailoring on the costume fit her like a glove. The little hat turned out cute too. There are hidden details that don't show very often, like the red cufflinks that go in the sleeves and the hidden pocket on the inside of the jacket for the customer's phone.

Least Favorite Aspect: The fact that the hat was supposed to be totally flat, but it kept bubbling, so I flipped up one side and worked around it. It turned out nice, just not like I originally planned.

Easiest Task: The vest, shorts, shirt and bustle were all very easy to make.

Hardest Task: The jacket and hat. For the jacket, there's a lot of pressing and tailoring that go into it, and I made all the bias edging out of silver dupioni silk, so that was time consuming. The hat is all made by hand, even the structure, so it can be tricky to do.

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