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The Millennium Earl (second outfit) of D.Gray-Man

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The Millennium Earl (second outfit) Cosplay

Category: Anime

Completed: 100%

Cost: Eur~95

Hours to Make: 60-80

First worn at: Expomanga 2012, Madrid

Inspiration: I made the second outfit of the Earl for my boyfriend. And my inspiration... Well, I love the character. XD We took photos together with me as Allen. <3

Favorite Aspect: That I managed to make the costume look more or less good in just a month, lol...

Least Favorite Aspect: He complained that the mask was very uncomfortable, and he refused to wear the 3D eyes. XD I've decided to mostly remake this with more time and money, because I'm not completely happy with the mask, shirt and coat.

Easiest Task: Getting the shoes. We got to borrow them for free and they just happened to be the right size and accurate. Oh and I also just happened to have the perfect cane for this. It just needs to be smoothed on the surface and painted. Altering the gloves and making the pants was also very easy.

Hardest Task: Everything about the mask was too difficult!

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