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Noctis of Final Fantasy Versus XIII

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Noctis Cosplay

Category: Video Game

Completed: 100%

Cost: $ Can55

Hours to Make: 10-20

First worn at: Anime North 2010

Inspiration: Originally, when I was putting together a Final Fantasy group for Anime North, I wanted my friend Remy to go as Maqui because he's good friends with the guy going as Snow and it made sense, but he changed his mind and wanted a Noctis costume instead. I was totally cool with that because I was in over my head anyway and Noctis was way simpler.

Favorite Aspect: It's a bitching cool outfit! Plus, the actual design of the coat is rather simple and yet still recognizable.

Easiest Task: Surprisingly enough, the hip pouches. They came together beautifully!

Hardest Task: Hand-sewing the design on the shoulder, not because it's hard, but it's time-consuming and boring.

- draft pattern for coat
- lay out pattern on fabric for Noctis
- cut out fabric
- sew shoulders and sleeves, leave sides open
- sew design on shoulder
- sew side seams
- sew collar
- Place snap in collar
- sew zipper
- sew lining
- sew shorts side seams
- sew crotch seams
- sew zipper
- serge ribbing to shorts hem
- gloves
- hip pouches + belt

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