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Valor Form Sora of Kingdom Hearts 2

Profileview SoraSkater's Cosplay Lab profile
Valor Form Sora Cosplay

Category: Video Game

Completed: 100%

Cost: $ US73.99

Hours to Make: < 5

First worn at: PMX2009,ALA2010

Inspiration: Well,I wanted to do this form of Sora because It's rare to see the different forms of Sora. I use my Real hair everytime I cosplay my Valor Form even though it's can be a pain to style hair when it wants to be Baka in the morning x_X. Overall I am very happy of how the costume came out and is a lil sad due to my Divine Rose tip LOVE to keep on breaking and coming off DX. The boots are like size 14Wide in mens so yeah, I feel like Sora somethings walking in the hallways of the con and all you can here is Loud Stomping lol.

Favorite Aspect: the jacekt!>:D bc, it has a ZIPPER lol

Least Favorite Aspect: my Pumpkin Head Keyblade it's very heavy due to being made out of a copper pipe and it's over 6feet tall. So those good 5-10 mins photo posing shots can really sore my shoulders

Easiest Task: My boots because I take regular Men black boots and trun them into my cosplay boots, better then paying ALOT of money online for shoes that can sometimes not right

Hardest Task: My hair, It takes me nearly 2hours to style my own hair X_X it's totaly worth it because I love cosplaying

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