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Rose Tyler - Doomsday of Doctor Who

Profileview Eldanildiel's Cosplay Lab profile
Rose Tyler - Doomsday Cosplay

Category: Sci-Fi

Completed: 100%

Cost: $ US200

Hours to Make: < 5

First worn at: Dragon*Con 2009

Inspiration: I really wanted to do one really authentic Rose Tyler cosplay with the actual jacket in the correct brand and finally found the Doomsday leather jacket on eBay. The rest was easy to pull together and it's one of my favorite costumes so far!

Favorite Aspect: The leather jacket!

Least Favorite Aspect: There's really no part of this costume I don't like, although I think next time I'll wear my wig rather than using my own hair.

Easiest Task: Aside from finding the jacket, every other part of this costume was relatively easy to pull together even given the fact that I was pregnant and starting to show during the con.

Hardest Task: Finding the jacket in the right size was, without a doubt, the hardest part.

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