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Rinoa Heartilly 1.0 of Final Fantasy VIII

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Rinoa Heartilly 1.0 Cosplay

Category: Video Game

Completed: 100%

Cost: $ US100ish

Hours to Make: 10-20

First worn at: Youmacon 2009

Inspiration: --This version is now retired! New version complete!-- This seemed like an easy enough cosplay to make for a first convention, with no intricate designs and all that...but I was wrong! Finding the right fabric was the worst part (it's still not correct!) and I had no pattern to go by... it sucked!

Favorite Aspect: I got to use my own hair and didn't have to worry about a wig for my first cosplay... And it was so comfortable to wear :) I love the wings on the back too...I thought they would come out worse than they did. Also wearing it around was fun because I met Ben, the super awesome Squall I hung around with all day :) He was such a good sport and took lots of pics with me ^^

Least Favorite Aspect: The blue fabric on the duster is a little bit too dark! But I couldn't find the right color and really wanted to have a cosplay done by Youmacon... >_<

Easiest Task: The arm bands weren't too hard to make once I actually figured out how to do it. I needed to fix one of them after the con started falling apart because I seamed it too close to the edge!

Hardest Task: All of it, even though I mostly had my roommate's help... I've never sewed anything in my life before! So this was such a hard task! Especially since I didn't have a real pattern. Hopefully I can get better at it for my next costume.

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