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Kozue Kaoru (rose bride) of Revolutionary Girl Utena

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Kozue Kaoru (rose bride) Cosplay

Category: Anime

Completed: 100%

Cost: € Eur80

Hours to Make: 60-80

First worn at: Salón del Manga 2009 (Barcelona)

Inspiration: As usual, my friends convinced me and my sister to join their big cosplay group. Some of us have been cosplaying for 10 years so we wanted to celebrate our 10th anniversary together with a big, gorgeous group cosplay. Special thanks to my friends Sae, Jasone and Momoko who made the shoulder pads, brooches and crowns for everyone so we all would wear identical jewels and details. They also helped me get the fabric and trim. Thanks to Lirin for helping me with the trim and materials.

Favorite Aspect: The dress is so elegant and beautiful! I love the blue color, and wearing a big puffy skirt with a huge hoop petticoat

Least Favorite Aspect: Wearing a blue wig, it doesn't suit me at all, but it still looked better than I expected

Easiest Task: Trimming the bodice

Hardest Task: Pleating the skirt, definitely! It took me two weeks of sewing and ironing pleats


Best Group at Salón del Manga 2009 (Barcelona)

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