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Namine's Keyblade (Original Design) of Kingdom Hearts Chain of Memories/Kingdom Hearts 2

Profileview LiL KRN YUNA's Cosplay Lab profile
Namine's Keyblade (Original Design) Cosplay

Category: Video Game

Completed: 100%

Cost: $ US50

Hours to Make: 40-60

First worn at: Anime Matsuri

Inspiration: Namine's Keyblade!!!~ This was made for Misaki chan7213 for her Namine cosplay so we can both have keyblades at Anime Matsuri x33 It's also my good-bye present to her =[

Favorite Aspect: I personally like the wings & stars on the blade part X3 It took me forever to make it but I'm liking how it turned out!

Least Favorite Aspect: It's a bit heavy xD & I'm worried like heck that it might break at the con D= & Also the simplicity of it ~_~ It looks a bit too plain to me D=

Easiest Task: Easiest task? yeah right. none whatsoever -___-, this was actually harder to make than my Kairi keyblade o_o

Hardest Task: EVERYTHING. From designing the keyblade to laying out what would go where & the actual construction part too ~_~

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