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Eileen Galvin of Silent Hill 4: The Room

Profileview Quita's Cosplay Lab profile
Eileen Galvin Cosplay

Category: Video Game

Completed: 100%

Cost: $ Can30.00

Hours to Make: 5-10

First worn at: Various photoshoots

Eileen's personality attracted me to her. She's sweet and nice and cares about pretty much anyone. And I mean that wholly!
[On a side note, she can swing a nightstick like a mo-fo. :P]

I loved the chemistry between her and Henry... I also was very touched during the short scene where he comes across her medical charts & ex-rays/pictures on the whiteboard in the Hospital world... Aww...
At first, I was a little skeptical about this Maria-style tag-along, but after I figured out you could give her weapons of her own, I soon changed my mind. Does she ever deal out the pain when she herself is injured.

[see more fun images from the related photoshoot on my website. :D]
[makeup credit to Angelica, photo credit to Catpaw]

Favorite Aspect:
The dress I got my hands on...finally. One piece wonder at a thrift store! *squeal*

Least Favorite Aspect:
The wig. It's such a crappy thing that it never wants to stay down, no matter what I put in it! It eats pins and absorbs all sorts of gel! >_<

Easiest Task:
Cropping, fitting and hemming the dress. Yeah, I made it a bit more modest on top. :D

Hardest Task:
Getting the lace on there. Go ez stitch.

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