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Leona of King of Fighters

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Leona  Cosplay

Category: Video Game

Completed: 100%

Hours to Make: < 5

First worn at: genericon 18

Inspiration: I used to play KoF with my brother ;; we were crazy children XDD I always wanted cosplay somethin from KoF so when the Yami Block Kuns decided to do a KOF group, I went for Leona... I love crazy army grls XDD .. I'm the WORST LEONA EVEEEER XDDDD

Favorite Aspect: the little strap thing.. it serves nooo purpose its so great XD also its easy to wear.. very easy X3!

Least Favorite Aspect: my fabric is a TINT brighter.. im gonna shoot myself for tht .... =_=; Its the Most inaccurate costume that i have ever made with acutally trying to make it accurate -_-;; i can point like ... 50 things about this costume thts not very accurate TT_TT!!! plz dont hurt me TT_TT I also dont like the fact that ... it uh doesn't look very attractive on me T_T;;;; I need to exercise!

Easiest Task: i don't think there were any easy tasks with this costume ^^;

Hardest Task: it was my first time with lining... omg.. its so evil ... i had to remake the pants like.. 3 times... and the top ... the TOP TT_TT


Best Novice Presentation - Yami Block Kuns at Genericon XIX

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