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Ah - the least visited page on any site...the copyright page. Well, for what it is worth, I own everything on this server, including the convention photos, computer graphic art, layout, descriptions, and the intellectual rights associated therewith. What I don't own are the characters being portrayed by each of the cosplayers, nor photos posted by Cosplay Lab members. I know you thought I did, but I don't. All other characters are the property of their respective owners.


Bella, the Cosplay Lab rat mascot was drawn under a commissioned contract by Lindsay Cibos of Studio CutePet, and may not be used without written consent from the Cosplay Lab. CosPlanner, EveryWear, and PinPoint are servicemarks of


The purpose of any website is to promote something and in this case it is the cosplay community in general that's being promoted. Therefore all I ask in return for borrowing any number of images here is that you put a link to this site from yours. If you don't host a site, but simply want to share the photos with friends and relations, why not point them to this web site?

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